Started March 04, 2012
IrcMoo is a simple MOO engine written in python. It connects to an IRC network and acts as a bot. Interactions with the MOO engine take place by private messaging the bot. The simulated world is implemented using python objects that use prototype-based inheritence. Scripting for the commands and behaviors is with python, and it can be edited online (through IRC).


Git repository: git://

Latest Snapshot: ircmoo-20130521.tar.gz

To run:

tar -xvzf ircmoo.tar.gz
cd ircmoo/src

Edit src/ to change the IRC server where the bot will attempt to connect. Optionally edit the seed file '' which is loaded automatically at startup. Near the bottom of that file is the initial user and password for identifying with the bot later. The default username and password is 'transistor' and 'pants'. The bot's default nick is TheRealm.

When the program is run, the bot will connect to the server and join the channel #ircmoo, and the terminal will show a >> prompt. The bot can be stopped by entering the command 'quit' or ctrl-c. Once the bot is running, connect to the same network and join #ircmoo. The bot will send a private message to you, telling you to identify. Make sure your nick is that of the user entry in the seed file and reply with 'id '. You will now be identified and can send MOO commands by private message to the bot. Type 'look' to get a description of what you see.