Nerve Control Network


Started August 05, 2013
Nerve is a server program written in python3. It is most often accessed through a web interface, but it is capable of doing much more. This is the server program which ties together the Android Remote project, RGB Node, and the Desk Clock.

The medialib module creates a database of music and video files on the local computer and provides a web interface to search this database and create playlists which can then be loaded into a media player. It primarily supports vlc and xmms2 for media playback.

The datalog module can be configured to collect data from device sources on a periodic basis, and store the data in a database. It has a web interface that uses an HTML5 canvas to display a graph of the data collected. The graph has controls to zoom in/out, or slide the view window backwards/forwards to view historic data.

The mysensors module uses serial to access a MySensors gateway device. It ties the mysensors wireless nodes into the device hierarchy, so that data can be collected from sensor nodes, or messages sent to sensor nodes. A web-based management interface is forthcoming.


Git repository: git://

To run:

tar -xvzf nerve.tar.gz
cd nerve <configdir>

Edit settings.json in the configdir to specify the exact configuration of your network.